by Sockpuppet

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Sockpuppet is a one-man alternative rock project, created by Shai Zrihan. the album contains 10 original songs, a mixture of alternative, rock and touches of grunge.
First show will take place on JAN 16.
Stay Tuned for more updates...


released January 2, 2016

Lyrics by Shai Zrihan
Music by Shai Zrihan & Yosi Shitrit

Produced by Yosi Shitrit & Shai Zrihan
Strings arrangements by Yosi Shitrit & Shai Zrihan

Recorded & mixed by Yosi Shitrit at Mary Jane Studios, Israel 2014
Mastere d by Shmulik Daniel at Hook & High, Israel

The Music:

Shai Zrihan - Vocals, Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Glockenspiel, Additional Keyboards
Yosi Shitrit - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Lap-Steel on Bleach
Nati Ohana - Drums
Itamar Abuhatzira - Drums on Sideways Glance
Shahar Yampolsky - Accordion on Strait-Jacket, Keyboards on Mud.
Meirav Zohar Vasker - Vocals on Hidden Flaw
Yair Slutzky - Trombone on Insomniac & Endlessly Disappear
Eddie Reznik - Violin
Lia Reichlin - Violin
Tami Waterman - Cello
Shuli Waterman - Viola

The Artwork:

Graphic design conceived and arranged by Usher Ben Ishay
Additional photos by Maayan Kaufman

Release 02JAN2016



all rights reserved


Sockpuppet Israel

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Track Name: Sideways Glance
She has that fleeing-sideways glance
Looks up and out in slight despair
Nail my fears, burst my shields
Raging fall, tender spring

Her frightened eyes folded down
To prove i'm silly like a clown
And i feel that i need...

Slow off her gaze
Runaway, and flip of the sides
Hold, hold her hand
Knives and claws, kill the pain

She has unflinching stare that shakes
Full out of wisdom that i can't bear
And i fear that i need...
Track Name: Paralyzed
How can I restrain my urge? keep my vanity intact
Voices dimmed and tend to blur
Lost in here and paralyzed

Trying hard to bear my pain, ease my burden every day
Roaring in my empty shell
No one seems to ever care

Slowing down as if hell is waiting
While you smile and lean back
The wilted and blighted years hunt me now and then
A scar that's never to fade

How can I betray myself? feed my enemy instead
Nothing here, biding to clash
Rails still lead towards a maze
Track Name: Insomniac
Have to give myself a rest, climb through
Have to give myself a blink
Dread to pull myself from bed, lying nude
Hazy dreams and I'm awake

I filled my veins with sleeping pills, unsure
Sedated I watched and stared
Shreds of sense still find their way, unglued
Have to faint or doze away

Hazy dreams and I'm awake, and what's new
Have to give myself a blink
A shadow grows inside the lamp, and fights through
Have to beat my fear of dusk
Track Name: Bleach
The blades are spinning once again, and cutting me out
The smell of leaking gasoline that burns me out
Few shades of smoke hangs motionless and fading out
And turn back, filling up those holes that's left inside

And when i bleach away the stains, squeaky-clean
That’s when i realize again…
It sucked me back!

Feel so bent, no remorse
With my nails drawing walls

Feels like nature is betting on me again
Here i stand and still waiting, how long can i stand?
Track Name: Endlessly Disappear
I just need one more hint
Your voice endlessly disappears
Friend is it really the end?
Cold, shivering, still pale
Days I go through, sealing off the past
Dreaming you’re still near, hearing your steps
Come lift me when I fall
Safe, rest beneath your stone

Friend is it really the end?
Don't dissipate and fade...
Track Name: My Animal
Surly! I am unbearable
Thinking of the rage I'm keeping in while...
I don't believe your poisoned words
Visions I get are mad enough to kill you
So I have to “fix you” now

Defy or preach, deny or face
Morbid ideas that are in everything
Discharge my fears and I won't dare
To please my animal

Surly I came, unbridled
Thinking of a way that I can beat my...
I don't believe your phony tricks
Visions I get are blurred enough to miss you
So I have to “treat you right”
Track Name: Strait-Jacket
Wistful faces, eyes cast down again
Bowed down head, I’ll say my little prayer
When I wave my hand I cannot reach
Call me cursed, I'm feeling okay

Since I'm tamed I cannot feel a thing
Trying my best to fill the emptiness
When I see the flames I feel so real
Call me cursed, I'm feeling okay

White shirts, where can I be? do you have any plans?
Did I pace in my sleep? am I lost in a haze?

Pin down ears! I cannot hear a thing
Drive myself to pull the trigger clasp
When I sense the fear I get so thrilled
Call me cursed, I'm feeling okay

Run down
Dementia fields
Lucid head and thoughts
Frail of reverie mist
Losing grasp in all…
Track Name: Empty Lines
Leading me into the room, you’re dimming
Faded smile and placid eyes
You’re hiding the news
Silently we're staring at the ceiling
Blinking eyes against the light
Ignoring the truth

Painlessly you're lying on a stretcher
Watching you, fading out
Calm and subdued
I never thought it’ll end up with you leaving
Empty lines that never end
That’s all i can say

Quietly you fall asleep and drifting
Precious moments lost in time, that's all i have left
Track Name: Mud
We’re drifting apart while paddling back
Trying to row but land is away
And we are deep in the shoal struggling all of this
All that mud
And we can really look far, into the sea
Really look for waves that are deep
And in a glimpse of a smile
Fall off and drown away
All our hopes

Wail out of your soul
Reaping it all again, seeds of shame
Left out of the road
Such a deceiving play, witless game

We’re living in glass house, armed and betrayed
Trying to spot when fame turns to shade
And we are leaves in the fall struggling all of this
All that mud
And we can really look far, beyond the screen
Really look for days that are dimmed
And in a blink of an eye
Fall off and runaway
Roll the dice

Such a deceiving play we’re in... such a deceiving play we’re in...
Track Name: Hidden Flaw
Time to go
Fame struck your soul
There's one who glows
Rest are too dull
Even if you're mad
There's a hidden flaw we share, forlorn hope....